animated gif of ocean waves

welcome to the dog blog

i want to be able to be weird on the internet, and i want to be able to say i have a website. so here. website! i'm very very verrry new to coding and html and web design etc etc etc i've never taken a compsci class i don't know what javascript is. but i want to learn. i will learn.

eventually i will write about things i like and things i don't and things i can barely understand. probably like an open diary but signed by a dog. yall remember dog with a blog? that disney show? what the hell was going on there?

anyways. pretend i look like this

to-do list

- compile resources
- make everything pretty
- project page
- shrines!!
--> happy! (tv)
--> ummm sports?
uh oh!! bullet points don't work anymore because of the way i made my navigation section :( sad! oh well there are other ways