no sunday study group so i get to freeze to death in my bedroom alone // sunday october 2, 2022 -- 10:33pm

finally finally finally watched the danielson/mox championship match. what a fight! genuinely i wanted both of them to win, and you could see how familiar with each other they are. the back-and-forth and countering made it great to watch

today was also race day (finally, it feels like it's been forever) singapore gp. incredibly entertaining seeing all those safety cars and crashes and fuckery i genuinely had so much fun. i don't think i paid any attention to the race leaders until the checkered flag, so much was going on in the midfield. 5 retirements (including latifi, thank god he was alone on track), possible penalty for checo (winner), verstappen dead last for a while... funny shit. i'm glad that it wasn't a great day for verstappen because if he had won the championship from today it would have been a less funny race and more annoying to be online.

not much new life-wise since wednesday. it's been raining and gotten a lot cooler out, i went for a walk today in the mist and my umbrella did jack shit but i got some fresh air and wandered around a different part of downtown. there's a nice little park i found and a pizza place that yelp says is very good. i was entranced by the smell of curry at a street corner but couldn't see where it was coming from. hopefully i can find it again. still no real food in the apartment but i used up some salsa and cans of beans & chicken to make a chili and it was pretty good. i'm quite proud of my own resourcefulness and the fact that i know how to use a rice cooker for things not made of rice. tomorrow or tuesday i'm gonna head to the store (with or without chris) because i want milk and some goddamn vegetables.

lex never got back to us about meeting up tonight so no study group. i'm definitely not complaining, i don't mind being left alone and i had plenty of social time with back-to-back meetups with ren and aj on thursday. i love my friends but only a couple of them don't drain me. study group drains me. it's better on sundays when we have to keep it short and sober, but still. too much all at once, everyone shut up and just watch the shitty movie until someone (not me for once please) calls a shuttle. (it's always me)

i have a speaking exam for my spanish class tomorrow and i'm only a little worried about it. tbh i should be more scared, i haven't done any review so pulling verbs out of my brain will not be successful. thankfully it's after my lab, which will be much shorter than usual (by about 2 hours) so i can hopefully review. it seems like all of my important shit happens in a week and then there's not much between. i don't know if that's good or not.