so about that dynamite // wednesday october 5, 2022 -- 10:27pm

head in my hands. god
ok. ok i'm cool. i'm normal. (lie)

moving past the soul-crushing jericho win, which i am not currently equipped to talk about, can we discuss the mjf/yuta match??? oh my god it was literally so beautiful i was entranced. the way they were so in sync and perfectly matched. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. when they both stood up and rolled away from each other it looked like something out of a ballet. and the ending!! with mjf winning and yuta going for a handshake! and mjf was so close like inches from shaking his hand!!!! but then the firm showed up (ugh) and regal left the commentator's box... mjf getting so angry with them... the juxtaposition of his hesitance/reluctance to put on the ring and regal's determination putting on the knucks!! i know it's a long shot but if we get baby face mjf i think i'll actually die. it's real to me

oh my god wait baby face mjf at the same time as punk heel turn... can you imagine. god/tony khan/whoever, you know what has to be done

anyways moving back to reality or wherever professional wrestling exists within that concept, i can't believe i was waxing poetic about that match to harv and then had to abruptly switch gears to explaining that whole "national scissoring day" promo. like yes wrestling can tell incredible stories and be so emotional and also simultaneously be the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen. like these things are both happening at once and it's so funny.

another thing! i don't think they leaned enough into the hangman/rush western imagery. like c'mon, they're literally a cowboy and a bull, like that's their shtick, and you only mentioned it maybe once? come on! the concept alone of that matchup is enough to make me want to watch it even if i didn't know who they were!

i can't believe this ep ended the way it did. we did not want another jericho win. no one wanted that. we all wanted to see garcia break free of his chains and fly or whatever, not more fuel to the fire that he can't survive in the big bad world of aew without the jas. i don't know, it was just disappointing how quickly it all went to shit. i hope this doesn't fuck up the narrative/make it boring/make it long. god knows we need interesting feuds, not long ones.

ok. shifting gears. i got a 100 on my organic chemistry exam (the average was a 62. receiving that score was euphoric) and i've been using my brain so much this week i feel so smart and so tired like i'm going to explode. today was disappointing because i didn't really get much done, but yesterday i got all my tasks done and even though i worked all day it was absolutely worth it. i'm going to try to replicate that tomorrow as best i can considering the sheer amount of spanish writing i have to do, which i am so slow at. but i'm learning! and even though it's hard and slow i am enjoying it and i'm very glad that i didn't drop it from my schedule. especially now that next semester i get to choose my class instead of just taking the generic language-learning class. and since i love being overambitious and doing too much all the time, i redownloaded duolingo and bought a notebook because i want to try to teach myself russian. why? god knows, i just want to. it's gonna be hell if i stick with it, but fuck it. why not try

my mom sent me a picture of my dog on the beach today. he's so overdue for a haircut so he's incredibly fluffy and ratty and he looks every bit 14 and i love him so much and i miss him a lot. i don't know when i'll see my parents next but harv is coming down next weekend so i'll get to hang with him for a few days. i wonder if any of my friends will think he's my brother considering that he's just a bigger and older version of me. just two ratty guys with bad posture and worse hair

ok. this has gone on long enough. i've been writing this for an hour
stray dog diesel signing off xx