it's always the races i sleep through // monday october 10, 2022 -- 8:05pm

guh, hwuh. flopping around on the floor like a fish

the theme of the week (and past week) is lying to myself and others. i think i'm... not a compulsive liar, per se, since that implies i do it to get people to like me and make up stories about things. maybe a habitual liar would be more accurate. i just change little inconsequential details for no real reason. i left early because i needed something to eat, and i got food instead of just walking around. i was at the library all day, not just since 30 minutes ago because i knew you'd call and didn't feel like being home when you did. whatever, it's not hurting anybody. i'll work through it with the rest of my issues (which aren't issues, i'm so normal. i do things and have hobbies and feel emotions that aren't indifference and anger)

anyways. now that i said my little issues. apparently on sunday verstappen won the f1 championship because of a leclerc penalty and i also slept through the race because it was at 1am and in japan... kind of annoying that i found out he won from seeing a couple celebration photo posts on tumblr and was like "that seems excessive for getting p1. wait"
kind of disappointed at the race itself though, it was very rainy and the fia got everyone mad with weird yellow and red flags and having a crane on track while drivers just. couldn't see it. very cool very awesome thanks fia good thing no one died this time. it was kind of funny that in the post-race interviews the interviewer was like "wait max come back. you won the championship" and he was like "what"
so congrats to max on the second championship (even if it was anticlimactic as hell compared to last season) and congrats to redbull on the $10mil cost cap overdraft that will absolutely end badly for them. i think the catering memes are very funny.

i didn't do anything this weekend so it went by agonizingly slow and doesn't feel like it happened. chris wasn't here so i had no reason to leave the apartment. same with today, but at least i went to one of my classes... tonight is paint night with the study group and tbh i just want to go for a walk. it's a nice night and the financial district would be quiet. no dice though, unless i can get there and back within an hour.

one good memory from tonight: in class (after i almost ate shit and ended up in bee's lap after tripping over someone) the profesor showed us some massive molecule that kills cancer and chris took my laptop and we wound up laughing morbidly at the "rare" side effects for the chemo meds he was on. what a way to bond with someone. also, i no longer want to strangle him! personal growth.

oh oh oh!! i just remembered! i borrowed the audiobook for mox's autobiography from my library so i'm gonna try to listen to that this week & next. very exciting