i need an extra weekend day for sleep // sunday october 16, 2022 -- 10:52pm

this fucking week, man.

thursday, friday, and saturday night, buffy, chris and i met up at buffy's apartment. every night they both drank, and every night i got oversocialized and pissed off. laat night was the worst because i didn't have an excuse to leave and they didn't have other plans, and i had to make sure chris got back ok. the dumbass chugged the rest of his drink at the end of the night and barely made it to the sidewalk before throwing up. which i told him would happen. and he did it anyways. christ

in good news at least, harv is here! he drove down on satuday and we've spent the whole weekend together. every time i see him it gets more surreal at how similar we are; basically everything we tell each other is responded to with "same!" it's getting ridiculous at this point. we went to the cemetery yesterday and a museum today, and we've been trying new food spots out (today was some damn good food; i just wish that bakery was closer to my apartment...)

i'm going to have a busy week this week, and i don't know how i'm going to get everything done but i'll do my best. there's so much work to do for school and just for my life in general... at least after this week i expect things to slow down again. it's just getting through midterm season that's rough.

i have to get up to finish some things before class tomorrow, and i'm so tired from not having any alone time this week/weekend, so the second i finish my spanish assignments it's bedtime. the temptation to not even do them tonight is so strong...