my one week of relaxation has begun // wednesday november 23, 2022 -- 9:37am

happy almost thanksgiving! it's been a little while, hasn't it? it always is

it's been good to be home. i missed my parents and my dog, and i really needed to be away from school for a little while. we only get one break in the fall semester, so i was more tired than i realized. i'm a little worried that it'll be that much harder to get back into things, but i really don't want to worry about that until i have to. at least after the holiday.

let's see. what happened this past week... on saturday my parents and i went to a pottery festival a few towns over. it was actually pretty cool! i was more interested in the quilts tbh, but the little pottery studios we drove around to were pretty cool and some of them were really old, like i'm talking colonial times old. i forget that people have just been places forever, crazy

sunday i watched the abu dhabi race on tv with my dad. i'm sad that vettel won't be there next season, it seems weird that he wouldn't. ricciardo too, though i never really paid much attention to mclaren. it was nice to see him do spin at the end and the little tribute video was sweet. idk, vettel was always kind of my favorite, even when i was little and didn't know much about f1. when i was lucky enough to go to a race, he won in a red bull and i thought it was the greatest thing ever. shoutout to tiny me for having good taste i guess. i'm trying to remember if i did anything else interesting on sunday. probably not. homework i think. i also worked on the navigation for this site and made a winter theme, so i'm ready for december when i'll switch it over and everything new will be blue. very exciting

yesterday i baked some bread and a batch of oatmeal cookies, and i think harv and i are going to bake earl grey cookies today. it was harv's birthday yesterday so mom made corn pie (which kicked ass) because he'd never tried it before. she forgot to stick little birthday candles in it before taking it to the table, so she shoved one in a klondike bar and gave it to him for dessert. i have some funny pictures that i will absolutely print out and bother him with. after dinner he and i hung out around the dinner table and drew. it was nice to put stuff i actually kind of like into my sketchbook. i miss being creative, i wish i had more energy for it, i have so many unused ideas and character designs that i'm neglecting

sis will be here around 2:30 and i have no idea when the rest of the extended family will be getting in. the boyfriend isn't coming for either thanksgiving or christmas, which is a bummer since i wanted to interrogate him as is my right as the youngest, but i think we'll videocall him and say hi before dinner tomorrow. also no bro & family, but we'll see them at christmas. my uncle and aunt are bringing both of the dogs today, god help us, so lucky will probably lock himself in the laundry room, poor thing. he's 14 and losing all his senses, i can only hope i don't have to rescue him from those massive piles of hair. i don't know how long they're stayig but something tells me they're leaving on friday. would it be bad of me to cross my fingers on that? i don't want to be around the rest of my cousins more than i have to, i just can't relate to them and it's always so uncomfortable.

as i write this the germany/japan game is on (japan just scored again, damn) and my dad is outside helping his buddy haul a deer to his truck. i can only hope that i'll be here when we get to eat it, i will be fucking distraught if i don't get any venison chili or steaks and that's fact. anyways. don't know how to round this one off.

(mario voice) wahoo!